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Software for continuous monitoring

of changing gas concentrations

Works with Popular FTIRs

Nicolet, Bruker, Otsuka




Standalone | Slave | Master

It can work independently, it can be incorporated into your process as a slave or it can control the process by opening and closing valves according to a predefined schedule.

Short, Long or 24/7/365 Operation
Complete freedom to specify duration and frequency of measurements, and thanks to built-in file management, FCM can work almost indefinitely. Oldest measurement files can be routinely automatically deleted, leaving only most recent spectra. Analysis results are never deleted.

Temperature & Pressure Corrections

Built-in support to read information from temperature and pressure controllers. Predicted concentrations can be corrected by the environmental conditions.

Real-time Trend Analysis

FCM comes with visual CLS Method builder. You can create analytical methods and predict ppm concentrations using your own calibration spectra or from any third-party suppliers. Supported formats are:
Grams .SPC, OMNIC .SPA, OPUS .0 and MKS .LAB.

Predictions are performed in real-time or can be run post-measurement on previously collected data.

If C0₂ > 200

      then ...

Secondary Analysis

If CLS analysis return unusually high concentrations, a secondary analysis by a more complex method can be triggered automatically to look for interfering compounds.

Customization Options


Modbus / WebServices Integration

FCM can be customized to include Modbus or any WebServices communication protocols for better integration into your process.

Alerts by Email

File management...

Digital I/O

FCM is designed for easy customization to allow output to a digital board of your choice.

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