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Measurement Services

We offer paid services providing hyperspectral imaging, hemispherical and bidirectional reflectance measurements in the ultra-violet, visible and infrared spectral domains.

Spectral Imaging

Measurements in 400-1000nm and 900 - 1700nm providing 128 - 288 spectral bands.

Hemispherical Directional Reflectance

Measures the fraction of the light incident on a sample at a given angle that is reflected back into the hemisphere. Measurements of HDR from less than 0.3 μm to as far out as 100 μm. Typical HDR measurements are made out to 40 μm. We measure HDR as a function of incident elevation, polarization, wavelength, temperature, and provide both the specular and diffuse components.

Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)

Bidirectional reflectance measurements span the range from less than 0.4 μm to beyond 14 μm with a full four degrees of angular freedom (incident elevation and azimuth, and reflected elevation and azimuth). BRDF measurements fully quantify not only how much a sample reflects, but also exactly where the reflected energy goes. These measurements are typically made broad-band, or at a series of customer specified wavelengths.

Emittance Data

From reflectance measurements (and transmittance where necessary), we also generate emittance data, again as a function of polarization, wavelength, angle, and temperature.

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