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Otsuka Electronics, Co. Ltd., Japan

San Diego, USA

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Gas Monitoring

Software for continuous monitoring of changing gas concentrations.


  • Works with Bruker, Nicolet, Otsuka FTIRs

  • 24/7/365 operation with automatic file/disk space management

  • CLS method editor

  • Remote monitoring

Finger Optimized UX

A hand-held device with a small touch screen required custom interface with high-contrast color schemes suitable for operation in a field on a bright sunny day.


Instrument Control

Software presented in the commercial was developed with assistance from Enformatic.

Quality Control

Fully automated, real-time monitoring of the chemical coating process by units dispersed across manufacturing facility. Operator and engineer dashboards, MDrive motor controls, FTIR measurements, Modbus, Web Services …


Data Mining / Visualization

Distance matrix and dendrogram for detection of groups of similar patterns. Graphical and tabular representation.

Online Hyperspectral Viewer

Using any web browser, analyze large hyperspectral data measurements stored in the cloud. 

Orthorectification in Toscany, Italy


Raw data from the hyperspectral camera collected during a flight over Tuscany in Italy needed to be correctly matched with IMS/GPS data in order to be imported into orthorectification software.

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