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SOC-410 Series

The SOC-410 Series Reflectometers & Emissometers by Surface optics are portable contact measurement devices designed to take precise, accurate measurements. Made with an ergonomic power-drill design, the SOC-410 Series lets you easily take measurements in-the-field or around the lab — no cords or external batteries necessary. The world’s biggest defense, aerospace, and energy companies rely on SOC-410 data.



and many more

Modular Design

The SOC410 Series reflectometers have two main components: the optical measurement head and the command module (CM) or the remote control unit (RCU). The command module is battery powered, making your SOC410 Series instrument portable for field measurements and carrying on the manufacturing floor.  The RCU is suited for lab and desktop measurements where data is acquired by software and the unit is powered by an outlet.

  Ease of Use  

Sampling Port

Telescopic sampling port neutralizes any small movements or vibrations during a measurement.

SD Card

Data is stored on an SD card, which makes it easily transferable to a PC for further processing.

Touch Screen

Instrument is operated with a finger pressing buttons on the touch screen and/or by pressing the trigger.


Simply press against sample and pull trigger.


Replacement or additional batteries can be bought in most hardware stores around the world which are selling power tools.

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