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Over a decade of experience and expertise in providing solutions for clients in various industries with primary focus on scientific instrumentation manufacturing and applications.

In addition to being excellent programmers we understand FITR spectroscopy, spectral imaging, mass spectrometry which makes for faster and easier entry into development process for customers who use those technologies.

Project Outsourcing

Outsource entire or any part of the project development cycle. We can develop products ready for delivery to your customers including testing documentation, thus reducing involvement of resources on your side.

Development Cycle

  • Requirements gathering - we can participate in meetings with your clients to better understand their needs.

  • Designing and prototyping - based on requirements gathered by us from your clients or provided by you.

  • Development - we like to follow Agile methodologies focused on frequent progress reviews.

  • Testing - done continuously throughout development and in the final stage we can provide formalized test documentation with product ready for delivery to customers.

  • Deployment - if needed, we can assist with deployment and integration at customer site.

  • Maintenance & support - various flexible arrangements are possible depending on the nature of the project, including supporting your clients directly.



Expert Outsourcing

Outsource a developer/tester or a team including project leader for period of time or on as needed basis.


We also provide testing services, find out more...


We adjust to your needs and simply become an extension of your development team. Mix & match fixed-price with pay-as-you-go arrangements even within the same project? No problem, we are here to help.

Pricing & Payment

Simplified pricing model and flexible payment options make for smooth cooperation. "Customer collaboration over contract negotiation" as the famous Agile manifesto states, and we stand by it.


Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Unix

Visual Studio, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, NetBeans, Xamarin, Android Studio

C, C++, C# (ASP.NET), Java, Phyton, VB, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby (Rails), LISP (dialects), ML (dialects), Lua

SOAP, MFC, WinForms/WPF, XAML, Wt, Pt

Modbus over IP, RS232, DDE


Test Automation


CUIT, TestComplete, Ranorex, Sikuli, Jenkins CI



InstallShield, WiX Toolset, NSIS,
Windows Installer




PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle,
MSSQL Server, SQLite

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